A Brand identity, Logo and icon design for an alternative energy development firm.

Hexagon Energy develops projects across six distinct, alternative energy technologies with the goal of powering a clean future. The objective of this project was to develop a brand, logo, and identity system to launch the company. The final solution is clean, minimal, and easily scales as the company evolves.

Initial ideas for the logo involved hexagons and unique colors as ways to identify each technology. The hexagon solution, while obvious and appropriate, was too limiting and lacked ownership and identity. The logo then moved towards it's final form, a typographic solution, with a stylized “X" as the focus. The “X” is split into two sections, representing Hexagon's path to clean energy, and the balance of the company's six energy solutions. The shape of a hexagon is implied in the outer, negative spaces of the “X.”

Hexagon Energy's technologies fall into the air, water, or earth category. A muted palette of blue, green, and gray was developed. The “X” is divided into the blue & green of the air/water/earth elements, and gray adds trust, working as a calm, balancing, neutral in text or icons.

A system of icons, representing the essence of each technology, provide an intuitive method to locate and identify the different technologies online and in print publications, and are easy to scale as the company's technology services change.

Each technology is also represented photographically. The renewable energy sector is flooded with graphics and photos of solar arrays, and windmills. To communicate the uniqueness Hexagon brings to the sector, and to add warmth to the cool, corporate feel of the identity, compelling photos were selected to give an up close look at the essence and elements of each technology. (Water for Wave Energy, Canola for Biomass, Stone for Geothermal, etc.)

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