pro mujer website


A custom WordPress site for Pro Mujer, a non-profit serving women in latin america.

Pro Mujer's mission is to empower underprivileged women by providing access to health, educational, and financial services.

Primary objectives of the redesign were to improve communication of key messages, convert visitors to clients, and improve the look and functionality of the site. Compelling photos that tell the story of Pro Mujer's clients, combined with a simple but refined, graphic layout create a feeling of empowerment & inspiration. Users and potential clients leave the site feeling engaged and motivated with the understanding that Pro Mujer is a modern, innovative, trustworthy organization that understands the needs of today’s women.

The site is available in English or Spanish with access to 6 mini-sites representing each of the countries served by Pro Mujer.



Designed with the good folks at Storyware.